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The Undying Night ebook



"This was a great follow-up to The Rune That Binds. The series has a very  interesting, quite disturbing, and to my knowledge, original take on the undead."

When Elise learns that the boy she was to marry and his entire village have been taken by the Beckoning, she sets out to find the mysterious Sumisarians and learn the secret of the runes in order to protect her own people.


But the Order are not what she expects, and she soon finds herself plunged into a world of deception and duplicity, filled with secrets people will kill to protect. In the night, her dreams are filled with dark, forboding visions that suggest that Jan is now one of the dreaded feral and hunting her.


And a danger far more ominous is on the horizon. Will Elise survive, or will she too fall to the Beckoning?

The Undying Night ebook

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