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is my preferred outlet for the simple reason that I love physical book stores.  I can spend all day wandering the shelves, perusing fascinating tomes of fact and fiction, philosophy and religion.  Barnes & Noble is the only major US based book store left, and I want them to thrive.  Of course, you can buy my book anywhere, even here on the site, but I encourage you to support physical book stores whenever you can, and if you're going to buy a physical copy to buy it from them.



From the desperate wish of a grieving father to the darkest nightmares of a tormented Martian, Realms is a collection of short stories that are humorous, thought provoking and whimsical.

From the first story I ever wrote, the Sanguinary Disciple, this collection is filled with short stories, musings, poetry, and ruminations.  It also contains the first three chapters of The Rune that Binds.

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The Rune that Binds


A month from the rite of passage that will mark his transition from boy to man, young Jan is given a man's task, to journey to the nearby village of Miller's Down and settle his father's debt with the blacksmith.  But what was supposed to be a simple thing quickly turns into a dark and terrifying struggle for survival as Jan learns what it really takes to be a man in a world where death stalks the living with the frightening power of the Beckoning, turning the dead into creatures imbued an erotic beauty and irresistible allure. 

It's been ten years since TRTB was first published, and in that time it's sold thousands of copies. An updated cover and interior with minor corrections. Get your copy today!


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The Undying Night 

There is more than one way for the Beckoning to take a man, and not all require his death. Jan, now Sep of the Tair has learned this terrible lesson. Alive, but not alive. Dead, but not dead, his quest for vengeance has cost him more than he could have imagined. The price for his transformation into one of the dreaded Feral may well put  the whole of creation at risk.

Now he must flee from the Fallen Virtue Malasephus and try to find a way to undo what has been done to him, or risk becoming the instrument of Malasephus's will, and the one thing that can save him is the thing Sep fears more than anything.

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The Whisper of God 



In the far north, beyond the indomitable Sepinal mountains, the Sul-Feral Sep has found a place where Malasephus cannot reach him, but he carries the corruption of the Fallen Virtue in his flesh, and as it whispers dark seductions to his soul, Sep fears he is losing his mind.

For in the frozen wastes of Es Elian Nothembra, even the rocks have voices, and the giant stone sentinels whisper to him.  If he is to escape the doom he carries, a doom that threatens all of creation, he must learn their language, and discover the secret of the stones.

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Believe - Available Summer 2022!


The last word her mother spoke before she died was a whisper, but it was spoken with such force that it moved through the room like a tempest and cut through Cassandra's grief and anger,  piercing her heart like a dagger.


More fervent than a prayer, more potent than magic, if there had been any such thing as magic. The last word of a dying woman, spoken with all the force of her departing soul, seared itself into Cassandra's mind like a bright, burning coal. 

The enigmatic word haunted Cassandra for a decade, whispering in the hidden corners of every thought. "Believe..." in what? God, herself? Years passed before she understood, and when she did, everything changed.

A Far Distant Home -Available 2022


Purgatory is the place between heaven and hell where souls awaiting judgment are sent. For the refugees fleeing a war that threatened to wipe humanity from the universe, it seemed an apt name for a world secreted away in a fold of space sealed on one side by a massive black hole in the real universe, and sealed on the inside  by the loss of the technology to open the gateway back to the universe. 

But for the Darwinists, whose world Purgatory is, the guests have outstayed their welcome and if a key to their prison cannot be found, then their devotion to build a world untouched by the taint of humanity will be fulfilled, whatever the cost.