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The Rune that Binds ebook



"JRR Tolkien meets HP Lovecraft in this rich, dark fantasy series filled with mythical creatures and dark gods."

On his First Night, Jan must face the terrifying world outside the walls of his villiage if he is to become a man. If he fails, he will walk the night as one of the feared nohetka, or worse, one of the feral, who hunt the living, seducing them to their deaths.

But when Jan's village falls to the Beckoning, leaving him as the only survivor, he is filled with guilt. Swearing an oath to avenge his people, Jan vows to confront the source of the Bekconing, the fallen Virtue Malasephus, who rules the world from his impenetrable fortress deep in the heart of the Sepinal mountains.

To fulfil his oath, Jan must learn the secret of the runes, and master it's forgotten mysteries. But the Beckoning twists everything to Malasephus's ends, even vengeance, and Jan will be changed by forces beyond comprehension before he comes face to face with the fallen god.

The Rune that Binds ebook

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