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A Season of Storms - Available 11-01-21



There is more than one way for the Beckoning to take a man, and not all require his death. Jan, now Sep of the Tair has learned this terrible lesson. Alive, but not alive. Dead, but not dead, his quest for vengeance has cost him more than he could have imagined. The price for his transformation into one of the dreaded Feral may well put  the whole of creation at risk.

Now he must flee from the Fallen Virtue Malasephus and try to find a way to undo what has been done to him, or risk becoming the instrument of Malasephus's will, and the one thing that can save him is the thing Sep fears more than anything.

The exciting sequel to The Rune that Binds  re-releases November 1st, 2021.

audio books

A while back I began getting requests for an audio version of The Rune that Binds. I've never been one for audio books myself, but I decided to play with the idea.  I soon learned that hiring a professional narrator was outside my price range, at least for the quality I wanted, so I thought I'd try it myself. I downloaded audiobooks from the library and spent hours studying how they were read, what narrators like Scott Brick and Stefan Rudnicki did with pacing and voices (female characters, children, etc).  After listening to around thirty books, I sat down and tried my hand.


This recording was done using a Blue Ice Snowball microphone (low end) and I used an affected voice. There is no sound editing, but I thought you might like to hear what it sounds like. Since this recording, I've invested heavily in studio quality equipment and I am currently working on bringing the books to audio format.  

Let me know what you think.

What do you think?
For a thousand years men have worshipped the Fallen Virtue Malasephus, one of the Faces of God, who promises them eternal youth, immortality, and endless pleasure, but it is a lie. 

For a thousand years, the Sumisarians and the Tair have opposed Malasephus, but when men are promised an eternity of bliss and pleasure, will they give it up to be free?
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