hardback books


If you're like me, you like the feel of a book in your hands. And best of all is a nice, hard-back book. There's just something about the feel and heft of a physical book, and of course, they make great gifts. I still have the copy of Shakespeare my dad got me when I was thirteen. Books have a place in our homes and hearts, and for all the convenience of digital readers, nothing will ever replace the sentimental value and experience of reading a physical book. 

So, if you like my books, and want a copy for your collection, or if you'd like to gift them to a friend or loved, you can choose from inexpensive paperbacks, or a high quality hard-back with dust jacket.  

I'm still waiting for the proof of The Rune that Binds, but once I sign off on them, they'll be available for sale here and on Barnes & Noble 

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audio books

I'm trying something a little different with the audio book, in the short term. I still plan to produce a professional quality audio book with a live narrator, but in playing around with neural networks (artificial intelligence and machine learning) I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. 

It's not good enough for an audio book, but it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I've included the first chapter in the link below, and you can listen to the whole thing and decide if you want to try the whole book. I priced it low because it certainly isn't top tier, but if you ever wanted to have a robot read you a bed time story....

And hey, where else are you going to get an audio book for less than 5 bucks? Welcome to the future!

For a thousand years men have worshipped the Fallen Virtue Malasephus, one of the Faces of God, who promises them eternal youth, immortality, and endless pleasure, but it is a lie. 

For a thousand years, the Sumisarians and the Tair have opposed Malasephus, but when men are promised an eternity of bliss and pleasure, will they give it up to be free?