Paperback Available May 1st, 2022

There is more than one way for the Beckoning to take a man, and not all require his death. Jan, now Sep of the Tair has learned this terrible lesson. Neither alive nor dead, his quest for vengeance has cost him more than he could have imagined. The price for his transformation into one of the dreaded Feral may well put the whole of creation at risk.

Now he must flee from the Fallen Virtue Malasephus and try to find a way to undo what has been done to him, or risk becoming the instrument of Malasephus's will, and the one thing that can save him is the thing Sep fears more than anything.

The exciting sequel to The Rune that Binds  re-releases December 30th, 2021. 

I've had to push the release date back to December 30th. This will be the last time, but it's not quite ready for release on December 30th.  Thanks for your patience.  I'm really excited about the book, and I think you will appreciate the extra time to get it right.  

TUN Book Cover 4-5-22.png

audio books

I'm trying something a little different with the audio book, in the short term. I still plan to produce a professional quality audio book with a live narrator, but in playing around with neural networks (artificial intelligence and machine learning) I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. 

It's not good enough for an audio book, but it isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I've included the first chapter in the link below, and you can listen to the whole thing and decide if you want to try the whole book. I priced it low because it certainly isn't top tier, but if you ever wanted to have a robot read you a bed time story....

And hey, where else are you going to get an audio book for less than 5 bucks? Welcome to the future!

For a thousand years men have worshipped the Fallen Virtue Malasephus, one of the Faces of God, who promises them eternal youth, immortality, and endless pleasure, but it is a lie. 

For a thousand years, the Sumisarians and the Tair have opposed Malasephus, but when men are promised an eternity of bliss and pleasure, will they give it up to be free?